Wednesday, January 17, 2018 2:48:56 PM
I am reading A memory of Light for the first time and just read the second netting between fans and Tuon, now Fortuona. I have to say, I absolutely loved the reunion between Matt and Rand. I mean, they started bickering about who has done the greatest deeds. And at the end of the whole meeting Matt says “ I am the one who saved Moraine. Think on that when you try to decide which of us is winning.” I love that Matt never really stopped seeing Rand as Rand. To Matt, Rand is still one of his...
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 2:37:03 PM
If I recall correctly, at some point Taim went to Two Rivers and brought a few men to the Black Tower. If that's true, who were they and do we have the names? I've read all the books 5 years ago and recently started a reread, currently on LoC (loving it), so it's a really blurry memory. I'm asking because I want to write a short story from the perspective of one of the major characters in the WoT universe. I want it to be a man with the Spark, already capable of channelling. If...
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 1:08:34 PM
... that character, of course, being Bela. It saddened me more than any other character when she died, but I was just flipping through the WOT Wiki and it says Bela is taken on Faile's ill-fated mission to fetch the Horn of Valere. After Olver is left with the Horn, he jumps on her to escape the Trolloc camp. She is hit in the flank by a Trolloc arrow and dies. However, according to "The Wheel of Time Companion", Bela unaccountably survived. She gave birth to a strong colt and a...
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:38:27 AM
A channeler from the AoL had survived in a Stedding and had acted as a mentor for the Dragon. In this hypothetical scenario he could have been under Avendesora helping to prolong his life. Or, in a tragic turn, had died 500 years before the series began, leaving some cool relic for Rand, that the Ogier bestow to him at some point. Maybe fulfilling some prophecy for them. Our supposed male Aes Sedai survivor could possibly have had Foretelling that he needed to do try to survive to mentor the...
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 10:28:45 AM
I know most people believe strongly that Lan and most borderlanders likely should have an Asian like appearance for the upcoming show and I get why given cues from the book and it makes good sense so let's get that out of the way. Idk if any of you guys have watched the Venture Brothers.... but when Lan shows up in the books and you get a description of his demeanor, I just can't help but visualize Brock Sampson with a warder cloak and a badass sword. That's probably ridiculous,...
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 9:48:38 AM
Just a random thought while I was driving home. I remember that shadowspawn can't go through gateways. Instant death. Do you think the same applies to skimming? If so, is the Gholm considered shadowspawn. What made me think of it was how the trollocs got so far into the Waste. I highly doubt there are waygates in the waste. Anyways, talk amoungst yourselves. submitted by /u/TheMalibu [link] [comments]
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 9:47:18 AM
submitted by /u/Elteon3030 [link] [comments]
Wednesday, January 17, 2018 6:47:56 AM
I'm on my third-ish reread and there's a scene in The Dragon Reborn, chapter 9 "wolf dreams" where Perrin is dreaming. He comes across a man that gets skinned by shadows after calling Perrin a foreign peasant. Does anyone know whats going on there? Was it one of the forsaken? My best quess is that it's Lanfear or some weird thing with Padan Fain/Mordeith. I can give more details about the scene if anyone wants. submitted by /u/signal9 [link] ...
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 7:19:32 PM
Surely, if knowledge of past ages fade, then it is impossible to count how many there were before. It is also impossible to realise the cyclical nature of the wheel. The book has lost most of the 2nd age knowledge, and has only oral drabs of the First age. How can they know that? Prophecies from the pattern? Prophets? Or does that knowledge only exists in the Ages where the One Power is known, and hence the pattern and wheel can somehow be observed? submitted by /u/ZePepsico ...
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 6:00:24 PM
Just finished reading The Gathering Storm, and wow, the story surely picked up on so many levels. A really exceptional book. My random thoughts: I am really annoyed at the accelerated spread of knowledge. Now everyone, including the Seanchan, have access to travelling, inverting, healing, etc... I like my universes with tightly held information. Also, this destroys the whole strategic campaign. Now anyone can send armies or assassin to kill your opponent in their home, palace or camp, and in ...
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 1:27:02 PM
How many Warders would one Aes Sedai typically go through, do you think? Aes Sedai live for hundreds of years, but long lifespans are never mentioned as a benefit to the Warder bond. submitted by /u/zeromig [link] [comments]
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:43:50 AM
I've been stuck on CoT for a month or two now. I've struggled through all the chapters, even Mat's. Then I read this: “I’ve been told you can hold out for days and still say next to nothing,” Perrin said. His voice sounded too loud in his ears. “I don’t have time for you to show how tough you are, or how brave. I know you’re brave and tough. But my wife’s been a prisoner too long. You’ll be separated and asked about some women. Whether you’ve seen them and where. That’s all I want...
Tuesday, January 16, 2018 9:35:59 AM
I think these are mine: “Come against me, if you dare! I am the storm! Come if you dare, Shai’tan! I am the Dragon Reborn!” and, "Will I?" Perrin almost laughed. "I will that. We will be into the Ways in a few hours." "The Ways?" Gaul's expression did not change, but he blinked. "Does that make a difference?" "Death comes to all men, Perrin." submitted by /u/Carluun [link] [comments]
Monday, January 15, 2018 11:40:30 PM
Of course as we all know the WoT is an extremely long series with around 800ish pages per book. Do you think they will dumb down the story and make it shorter (of course some "dumbing down" is bound to happen but in a larger sense) by mashing stories from multiple books into one series or have a series per book (obviously there are some problems with this due to the large number of books in the series). Or if you think they will do the show in a different way, I'll be glad to hear ...
Monday, January 15, 2018 12:26:39 PM
It's been about a year since I read the series so my memory could be off, but didn't Elaida's prophecy say that House Trakand would be the key to the last battle. From what I can remember about the last battle, Elayne didn't do anything TOO special right? Yeah she had a big part but I wouldn't say she was the key. Am I forgetting how it went? submitted by /u/noveltys [link] [comments]
Monday, January 15, 2018 8:11:00 AM
This is my first time reading Wheel of Time, please no spoilers from later books! :) Overall I enjoyed The Shadow Rising. Many great plots and scenes (Perrin's were my favorite). But the ending just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe I'm not supposed to understand it til later? Or did I miss something? Here is what I got from it: Rand's party (with Moiraine, the Wise Ones, the Taardad Aiel, and the Traders) arrive at the Aiel meeting place. They see Shaido arrived first in a large ...
Monday, January 15, 2018 7:26:36 AM
Something like what an Accepted gets given. Has anyone found a good replica? submitted by /u/balthezeus [link] [comments]
Monday, January 15, 2018 5:40:20 AM
submitted by /u/Blackless95 [link] [comments]
Monday, January 15, 2018 3:30:36 AM
So I'm past halfway through Eye of the World (513 pages) and so far it's been ok. I mean there have been some very good chapters but some just seem to go on and on and on. By no means is it a bad book in any way but I'm just wondering if I'm judging the series too early or not. submitted by /u/dahwren [link] [comments]
Sunday, January 14, 2018 11:58:41 PM
It's never specified their age in Eye of the world and I'm just curious to know. (No spoilers) submitted by /u/dahwren [link] [comments]
Sunday, January 14, 2018 10:16:25 PM
Insofar as ASOIAF was written by an American, I was somewhat disappointed that they cast actors for GoT from almost every English-speaking country except the US (and I suppose Canada) because it would seem they expressly did NOT want the characters to sound American. The one major exception is Peter Dinklage who delivers his lines with some sort of made-up accent (most likely not his choice). However, it is my understanding that GRRM always imagined the characters speaking with some sort of...
Sunday, January 14, 2018 9:05:03 PM
I downloaded a pdf for a WOT D&D campaign and I had a question about it. Would it make more sense for channelers to cast with dexterity? Since it's always referred to as threads and weaving, I figure that would be more of a dexterity thing. I realize that that kind of makes intelligence a redundant stat, so wanted your opinions. submitted by /u/BrutusRomanus74 [link] [comments]
Sunday, January 14, 2018 7:49:37 PM
I've just finished TDR and I was under the impression that ba'alzamon was the dark one? In the last fight Rand kills 'Ba'al' who is a forsaken but is that also ba'alzamon? So ba'alzamon is just a forsaken and not the dark one who is trapped in Shayol Ghul? Also they mention the seals and that 3 of them have been broken - do they relate to the freed forsaken? Lanfear, Ba'al... and a third? I feel like it's important I understand this a bit clearer before...